Jesus, Network Marketing Professional

I’ve kinda been thinking about Jesus as a businessman a bit lately, and came across a cool article by Ron Gelok that inspired me to write down a few of my thoughts.  I’ll link to Ron’s article below so check it out.

A few of  my thoughts:

I feel that Jesus’ disciples and MLM “followers” have both losses and gains in common. For example, the disciples and network marketers both leave their known way of survival/living – it was fishing, collecting taxes, or whatever else for the disciples.  It’s the tradition to go to school-get a job-work till you’re sent home-hope you don’t outlive your money- for network marketers.

Both the disciples and network marketers gain a perspective of dominion. The disciples experienced dominion over sickness, demons, a barren fruit tree, a storm, hunger and even death. Nothing was ordinary about how they lived, and they were given the same power and responsibility to duplicate or “Go and Make Disciples”.  Network marketers experience the power of community, time freedom, financial freedom, health, travel, luxury, and leisure. Nothing is ordinary about how they live, and they are given the same power and responsibility to duplicate or recruit others into their opportunity.

A great Network Marketing leader is like Jesus – one who serves.   Jesus plainly told his disciples he did not come to be served but to serve. He grabbed a towel, washed his disciples feet and demonstrated by his actions how they should treat each other.  A network marketing leader serves their organization, unafraid to get their hands dirty and demonstrates the conduct their team should exemplify.

Another truth is that like a lot of Jesus’ disciples and His following beyond the first 12, a lot of network marketers miss the point and fail to live and walk in the power that is available to them.  Some disciples saw Jesus walk on the water and said he must not be able to swim. Some network marketers see another one succeed and think that person has more time, money or a better sponsor than they.  As a result of missing the point and failing to walk in the power they possess, these people therefore lead mediocre lives as sad, defeated Christians or network marketers and fail to win others -to the Kingdom of God (evangelism)- or the Network Marketing Industry (recruiting). Some also return to the type of life they once lived – backsliding or quitting the business.

One more thing, like Jesus’ following, Network Marketing is pretty forgiving. You can royally mess up, yet still have the opportunity to learn, grow and improve – while earning money (MLM) or winning souls (Jesus following).

Now, here’s that article by Ron Gelok

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