What NOT to do on Facebook (Business)

There’s a really long list of things I can include in this post of what NOT to do if you are in business on Facebook, but I will just give a few of the ones that I’ve experienced recently from newbie entrepreneurs, network marketers and even more experienced business owners who evidently just don’t know any better. I’ll admit that when I first started out, I too was guilty of some of these mistakes, but I’ve learned thankfully.

1. Don’t share posts of your Compensation Plan, Opportunity Presentation or anything directly on a friend’s timeline.  I was shocked that a friend actually posted a video of their Compensation Plan on my wall.  This is rude, unprofessional and one of the best ways to deter people from wanting to talk to you or do business with you.  If someone is not directly involved with you business, you have not spoken to them about your product, project, business, etc. please just don’t do this.

Consider this, you are at home in your living room and a friend comes over and decides to redecorate your place, putting up pictures of all the things they love on your wall. Out of order right? They should be at home, decorating their own wall, not yours.

2. A similar no-no, don’t TAG friends in your posts about your business and product. Let’s be clear- this is your post on your profile. Your friend is not there in that picture or video, they are not in your business, they do not buy your product, but you want your post to appear on their profile so their friends can see it and be confused about their involvement with your business. No. Please don’t do this.

This is like your friend using photoshop to place you in a picture at a place you have not been, among people you do not know.

3. Don’t send unsolicited links, videos, photos to a friend’s inbox.  Someone did this to me recently, saying “Hey, I think this is something you’d be interested in. Take a look and tell me what you think”. Then they shared their link.  I honestly wasn’t sure if this was SPAM, it sure looked like it.  I waited to catch the person online and asked if that was really a message from them because it looked spammy. They confirmed it was, and I offered some training because that method is seriously ineffective.

If you want to be a professional, you do not want to spam your friends.  If you send unsolicited links, don’t expect your friends to ask if its really you like I did.  Expect to be blocked and deleted because they may assume you got hacked, or they may just refuse to tolerate spam.

A second mistake in this example, and the last tip I’ll give is

4. Do not ask a prospect, “What did you think” about a video or whatever material of yours they reviewed.  If you did things right, had a conversation, asked permission to send a video or other material, then after they’ve seen it, you do not want to ask “What did you think”.  This is a terrible question because it opens up for a potentially negative response.  They may really think it sucked or that looks like a pyramid scheme or you’re a fool 🙂  The best thing to ask is “What did you like best”. This guides the prospect to give you positive feedback even if top of mind they had a negative thought.  When you know what they liked best, you have information that will help you to serve them with your product or opportunity.

If you are struggling as an online entrepreneur, or brand new and making these mistakes online, check out Online Profit Plan,  a free video that reveals training so you can stop running your friends and family away.

Did You find this helpful?  If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented and shared on Facebook.

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