The Four Year Career

Maybe a year before I read “The Four Year Career” by Richard Bliss Brooke, I heard myself tell a group of people that I love the products of my company so much that even if I did not financially benefit from sharing the products with others, I would use them.  I had so many great experiences and so did my mom.  Therefore, I am sold on the fact that my products are incredible!

When I read Brooke’s book, I was pleased about what he shared one should look for in a Network Marketing Company. #1 he said you should find a company whose product or service you absolutely love, something you would buy forever, something that you would recommend to others without reservation.  He also said that it’s also important that the product be consumable, something that is purchased regularly.  I was ecstatic because I already love my products and they are consumable. Every month we purchase the product and share with others who do the same. We therefore build an organization that is leveraging our income.

Have you thought about the possibility of accumulating as much income in 4 years in a Network Marketing business, as you would accumulate in 40 years in a traditional job?  Sounds incredible doesn’t it?  When I began my journey in Network Marketing, I had no idea that this business had the power to truly set me free. Time freedom and Financial freedom are two of the main things that people seek.

Brooke’s book is a great place to start if you’re thinking about joining the Network Marketing industry and you want understanding on the industry, as well as guidance in choosing the right company for you.

Purchase your copy of “The Four Year Career” and learn about this option to building the financial life you desire.  This is a must read!

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