I always remember being the one to walk through the door on the right when everyone else formed a queue and walked through the door on the left.  Following “the crowd” never made sense to me.  Being a bit of a REBEL I guess, came quite naturally.

Growing up, I always remember people around my family and I- people living in our home, people getting a ride to church, people getting help with their homework, people we were helping in some way or another– so GIVING to others was also natural to me.

I remember being broke, but having a desire to give, and feeling bad that I didn’t manifest that God-expression where I was empowered to get wealth.

And I saw my immediate family experience chronic HEALTH ISSUES.  Of my 6 immediate family members, 2 experienced Type 1 Diabetes, and 2 others experienced Type 2 Diabetes.  With further complications of Kidney Disease, my father passed away in January 2010.  My wake up call for health was my climbing WEIGHT GAIN and my desire to take charge of my health and not become a health statistic.

I started this blog- and forgive me if I seem all over the place- to GIVE something that I can give on a wider level than just one on one with my team members and business partners.  I will share tidbits of information for a healthier life- physically and financially. My money mentors include people like Dave Ramsey and Robert Kiyosaki (great books and materials) and my health mentorship largely comes from my business and personal research.  I hope you will find something useful, something helpful and give me feedback or share with others.  Welcome!