This is the season for being your own boss.

I made a decision to change my finances and embrace being the CEO of Me.  Do you realize that you are the CEO of Y.O.U.?  You alone ultimately determine what happens in your life.  I’ve decided that it is time, this is the season to be my own boss.

Something started happening to me. I pay rent on the first of the month to a landlord who lives on property in the triplex where I live.  Usually one of his two young daughters collects the rent, receipt in hand.  I began to wonder what kind of impact that is making on those girls, growing up learning how to COLLECT RENT every first of the month, instead of PAYING RENT.  I think that is a powerfully different dynamic that they experience as opposed to the children of parents who pay rent every month.  Collecting rent, being the one in charge, is a normal part of life.  I can’t see these girls growing up and choosing to accept paying rent monthly as a normal way of life.

I will say that my landlord does have a “regular” job as well. Both he and his wife go out to work for someone else.  But look at how great it is that his money then works for him and just shows up every first of the month because he decided to employ his money in creating an asset.  Most average people dream of living in their dream home with a mortgage that kills them, rather than considering a mulitplex so one unit is their home, and other units their cashflow.  If you’ve read Robert Kiyosaki, you realize his work has influenced my thoughts here, but my goodness people!

IT IS TIME TO DO BUSINESS!! Stop being broke, mediocre- minded and tolerant of not having enough money at the end of the month. Let’s do something to generate CASH FLOW.

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